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Storm Forge Logo

Brief from client 

Company logo concept

This is a personal logo for my own design/creative/entertainment company. I've been trying to incorporate brainstorming and forging into a singular concept and this is one of my latest versions. I felt hammers and anvils were too obvious, so I went with a shield and sword. The font used for the text is Gotham Narrow. I'm debating whether the font selection is good as is, or something with more squared O's for example would be better. But first, I need input on the concept as a whole.

I also have had other ideas with a navy blue and a yellow-orange. The yellow-orange would show the sword being in a more "forging" state then the current grey, but let me know what you think about that.


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Sorry, this is not really working for a designer logo.

At first glance, the shield and sword made me think of a security type of company.

The symbol itself is too complicated, with 3 combined into one. You need to simplify.

Bottom line is, this logo looks way too corporate for a one-man operation such as a freelance designer.

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