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ive seen that "g" in logos a lot of times, the gray part i think its unnecesary, the "r" in the black space looks just bad and the "f" blending with the "i" its completely unnecesary, i think theres too many elements in this logo, you should try to minimize the design and try to comunicate what the company does. Good luck.

Shawali's picture
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I too can't help but think that I have seen that g in other logos. I first thought of Google, but I'm not sure. But it does feel very familiar.

Globally, I'm really not sold on this. That symbol is needlessly complicated, with that poor r separated from the other characters and whose very close proximity with the g and the edge of circle creates a lot of visual tension.

The red/black/grey colour scheme is super dull and really not appealing.

And the devil being in the details, the cut loop of the g shows.

I think you need to rethink this thing, do more research on existing studio logos, get inspired and sketch a lot of ideas on paper.

Keep it up!

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