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Stylish handz

Brief from client 

Stylish Handz is a barber shop located in Austin, the client didn't really know what they wanted and they didn't have a particular color pattern, but they wanted something that was easygoing and athletic.

This is the second version of the stylish handz logo I'm currently working on. In this logo I combined the "barber's pole" with an "s" to create a mark that is relevant and memorable. I also utilized a script typeface to enforce a stylish look to the logo


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1294 pencils

And it's a bit better than the first version, but I don't think you're there yet.

Globally, this logo looks really cheap. The symbol looks very much like a clip art (do correct me if I'm wrong). You will find it in any two bits barber shop out there. Not really imaginative. Here's what a quick search for "barber shop logo" brought up:

Do some market research, get inspired by great logos and sketch for hours on end.

Good luck!

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No this is not clip art, however thanks for the helpful advice I will continue to design more. Thanks again

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