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Stylish Handz

Brief from client 

Stylish Handz is a barber shop located in Austin, the client didn't really know what they wanted and they didn't have a particular color pattern, but they wanted something that was easygoing and athletic.

This is the third version of the stylish hands logo; in this approach I tried something that conveyed more of a traditional barber look, while preserving a stylish look to the logo.


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Hey hey hey! This is a major improvement from your last two versions.

You cracked that hipstery/neo-vintage look and feel pretty nicely.

For some reasons, that font which is cheap free font and which I would advise against the use of works pretty well in this context.

My main beef is the symbol which reads SI rather than SH. Also, as is, the brand name seems to be North Austin Barber rather than Stylish Hands. You might want to make the latter a bit more prominent. Finally, I would rotate the hand razor a few degrees on the right so it stands straight and aligned with the scissors.

But as I say, this is definitely a major step forward. Keep it up!

demondkitt's picture

Thank you very much for your input, your help throughout this entire process has been very much appreciated and I will apply those changes you mentioned asap. Thanks again.

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