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SWRD logo

Brief from client 

Streetwear brand focusing more on construction and design of garments as well as simple graphics rather than bold graphics.

A friend and I are starting a "street wear" brand. We are calling it "Still Waters run Deep". It is based off an old saying that a calm demeanor hides afiery passion underneath. There are variations of its meaning but it comes down looks being deceiving.

Im in my early 30's and my business partner is in his late 20's. We want to create garments and designs that cater to a more mature streetwear aficionado. We aren't thinking of kids who wear Neff, Billabong, or other brands you would see at Pac-Sun or Zumies that are loud. We want to focus on cut & sew pieces and strong simple graphics. Grungy yet still kind of polished and put together.

I'm the designer in this team so I came up with this. The upside down triangle is an old symbol for water. We wanted to incorporate water in the logo without it being so literal or recognizable. I am getting a 50/50 response between people who like the logo with the border and without. I'd like to get some feedback from you guys to see what you think and if you have additional input. Much appreciated. Peace and love.


cooperads's picture
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The hard lines of the border don't fit with the loose type or the distressed triangle.

Shawali's picture
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I really like where this is going.

I agree with Coop that the straight clean lines of the triangle clash with the grungy feel of the logo.

Also, I'm not sure it's the bad thing, but when I first looked at it, I read "sword".

Keep it up!

SamiSalameh's picture

Yes, I was told that the clean border looks odd with the grungy inner triangle. Do you think it looks better with or without the border? Ill try and work on a rougher looking border this weekend and post it.

Waffles's picture
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I keep wondering where the sword is, because in my mind SWRD is an alternate spelling for sword.

SamiSalameh's picture

I thought that too. My partner and I tried it with periods in between the words but didnt like the outcome. We kinda like that it reads swrd. Other streetwear brands do similar by shortening the name. Undefeated = UNDFTD, Bathing Ape = Bape, and others. Not saying we want to ride this trend but like how it ended coming out to SWRD.

xKillswitch's picture
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Yeah, I'm in the camp of reading this as an abbreviation for "Sword." I do think the treatment needs to be consistent, but I'd like to see a version with a grunged border, as it seems too plain without.

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