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Brief from client 

client has a rice related biotech company..i add a rice plant in place of Y

.i add a rice plant in place of Y


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In my humble opinion, I think you would be better to separate the symbol from the type. I am not a fan of the type, it is very hard to read. I am also not certain why Biotech is randomly placed toward the left. It doesn't seem to line up with anything. It is partly inside the S space and outside the M space. I think you have a bit of work to do.

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Quick test: look at the thumbnail of your logo with all the others next to it.

Does it pop? Not really

Is it legible? Definitely no.

I agree with coop, substituting a character by a symbol is a very tricky thng to achieve and this is really not working here.

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company name is synmour.biotech O has a harmony with plant( at least in my view)

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