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Team Analytics & Innovation

Brief from client 

Hi guys!

Im working on this brand design which is meant for a team composed mainly of business/data analysts, app developers and data base administrators (I´m one of the analysts and given that im also into graphic design i proposed that some branding design would be really cool for the team at a corporate level).

Well i will cut to the chase and try to not bore you guys.

There are 3 main concepts that the General Manager wants the brand to communicate: Innovation - Analytics - Development (app programming).

Some secondary concepts are: Technology, Metrics, Teamwork, integrity, customers satisfaction

Given that the team is inside of a big corporation, the brand will have to coexist most of the time with the motherbrand. So i want the logo to be flashy, but i want to avoid a visual competition between the 2 logos (correct me here if im wrong onto this approach)

I will be working on some different visual approaches and will be including new versions. The first ones are Iconic version and Geometrical Abstract Version. I will continue working on this and uploading new ones as soon as i have them.

I look forward for your feedback and opinions!

Thank you!

Another version, iconic/illustration approach.


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Symbol is maybe too complex (you will have a problem with one color and negative version) but generally I like it.

The only thing I`m not sure about is a typography, I think it`s too heavy.

Maybe something like this?

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