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Teel's Wheels

Brief from client 

This logo creation is for a school project.

I would like feedback around what type of company would use this logo and any feedback to improve it. I used specific colors, a simplistic approach, and the images to show what it should be.

This logo is for a rental car company where every day people can rent out their cars.


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Well, I guess a company that babysits your car while your away would make sense.

But if you have to ask what company it is for AFTER having designed the logo, you've got a big problem ;)

Knowing you didn't have a specific idea of what business you were designing this for, this logo is way too simplistic and looks like an aggregation of 2 clip arts.

The font doesn't look to be the right fit for any car-related company. Moreover, you want to avoid the font Lobster. Despite being a great font, it is also free and tends to be used by everyone and their mother.

Keep it up!

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