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Tetris Texas

Brief from client 

The client wanted something that reflected Texas the game tetris and something that symbolizes a moving company.

In this logo I created a cowboy like figure to help establish the symbol of Texas and I used a tetromino shape which is in the game tetris to create boxes which in turn led it to symbolize a moving company.


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Hey there.

I like the intentions behind this logo, but it needs a lot more work.

Right off the bat, you got to bring more contrast to the colour scheme. Black and dark blue make for a very a dark logo. It's hard to tell them apart, especially in strokes around the word mark. It does not help understanding what the cowboy is actually doing with this carton boxes.

Speaking of which, the cowboy and the tetromino idea is just one too many. Both are rather strong idea, but using both is definitely overkill for me. Focus on one and do it good, instead of complexifying and half-assing two.

The cowboy needs a LOT of work. It's a bit too simplistic for now and not really adapted for a logo. And frankly, it kinda look like a Chinese man with a fake moustache ;) Look at good logos incorporating human figures in them and see how they work.

The choice of font is good and its treatment is ok. Although I'm not really comfortable with how the T is separated from the whole block because of the top bar.

Lastly, remove the super overdone "est. 2020". At this point, this is just a gimmick. Its purpose is to tell people that the company has been around from a lot of year, meaning it's been successful at what it does. But with "Est. 2020", it does quite the opposite and says "we're new and we have no experience whatsoever". For me, it's counter productive and doesn't build trust.

That triangle is the background makes me thing of Doritos. Not sure that's a good thing.

So as I say, you're in the general right direction but there are still many miles to go.

Keep it up!

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