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Tetris Texas

Brief from client 

The client want a logo that reflected the game tetris while also symbolizing a moving company.

This is the second version of the tetris Texas logo. In this version I recreated the character to be fashioned to more of the likeness of a worker than a cowboy. I also changed the colours to something brighter so everything can be understood better.


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Ok it's better, especially with the color scheme.

Now, I think this logo, on the whole is needlessly complicated. The tetris idea + the mover is a bit too much. Why not simplify and focus on the tetromino made out of carton box. You don't need that guy, the boxes will give the idea of a moving company right away.

The font treatment is a bit over the top, with a bit too much stroke, but it looks better than version 1.

Keep it up!

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Thank you I just read the comment below you and the person had a great point is using the name tetris copyright? Thanks again for your time.

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1337 pencils

Well if this is a real business, then you better be looking into this;

And if you have a choice in the naming, I would look for something else already. Besides potential legal issues, it's a bit too on the nose, me thinks.

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Thanks for the advice I'm looking into this now.

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I would be concerned using the name Tetris. Isn't there some sort of copyright infringement there?

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Awesome point I need to research that. Thanks for the comment.

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