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The BIG Swing

Brief from client 

Hi everybody, this is a logo draft for a weekly evening Swing dancing night.

The BIG is a kind of disco bar with it's own logo that appears in the middle of my draft.
Around it there are elements that reminds the '30-'60 era.

This logo is for a weekly eveving when hoppers (Lindy hop dancers) meets to dance Swing music.

Any siggestions are welcome!


Costantino Rover's picture
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This mocl-up represent a kind of neon sign for flyers or social advertising.

Shawali's picture
1326 pencils

"Lindy is not really legible with the circle behind it. Also, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be since your post is titled "The Big Swing". It's a bit confusing.

jback's picture
3 pencils

"the big" without the circle i think can work as a logo. I like it.

The rest just works when you put it on a sign not really like a part of the logo.

Costantino Rover's picture
5 pencils

Hi guys, in other words you are suggesting to do something like this, right?

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