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Tribals Basketball

Brief from client 

My friend wants a logo for basketball club

thanks for helping!

Logo for basketball club


JNF Design's picture
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This is better than the other version. I would remove the star between Since and 2011 and adjust the space. The lines in the basketball could also be cleaned up. There is nothing visually that says Tribals to me, although maybe you want to keep it that way.

Daryu's picture
1 pencil

thanks for the help JNF Design...

Shawali's picture
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I agree this is the best version of all, by far.

But It's far from being done. There are too many stars and the curves in the ball need to be refined.

Keep it up!

Daryu's picture
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Ok thanks! Shawali... thank for the help...

Matt_B's picture
12 pencils

There's a missed opportunity here - you could have some tribal art in the basketball lines like those cave painting stickmen or a more abstract decorative design. As it is, this could be a stock logo.

Kreestall's picture
2 pencils

Agreed ^ there is a lot of potential in using the basketball, it looks right now as if it was pulled off of google and slapped on there.
I really like how the type looks though!

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