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Upcyling Leather Brand for Heros

Brief from client 

A logo for a fashion brand that only uses old fabrics from used military and police clothing.

The idea is to create a generic badge, that works on its own on clothing as well, that looks somehow military and/or police. I created the font myself using the proportions and weight of the badge .


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I like the simplicity and cleanliness of it. I like how the symbol acts as a sort of monogram, while also resembling (to me) a bullet or a pocket (in addition to a badge). The unconnected bar in the "H" bothers me a little though. It's the only letter with that feature, plus it doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, so it feels out of place to me.

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this is already looking pretty good.

Two things: I'm not a fan of the tricked out H. It doesn't bring anything to the logo and wouldn't change it if it was a normal H.

Secondly, what would make this logo even better is if the font and the symbol had the exact same thickness.

Good job overall!

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