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Whale logo

Brief from client 

8bit meets a whale

Logo for a web development agency in the Netherlands.

8bit meets a whale.


xKillswitch's picture
422 pencils

Maybe this would make more sense with the branding mockups, but I don't quite understand the design decision behind this logo. While it's cute and interesting, I can't say I can begin to guess what this company is about. Is it a vintage indy game developer? It also seems a bit too simple.

Without more insight, it's hard to fully critique this fairly.

Shawali's picture
1241 pencils

This looks cute and all, but it's a bit short. I'd love to see more.

PopArt Studio's picture
10 pencils

Whale is really awesome, very good start. But I would also like to see typography, to have complete picture of the logo and style you would like to use and then we could give you a constructive critics.

Waiting for the update. Good luck!

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