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Yo Soy Lux

Brief from client 

Client needs minimalist logo for a brand targeted to females

Client is launching self care product line for women. They want to empower their women to be their own muse, a very personal brand. It only made sense to humanize the logo as it resembles the shape of the female body. The `head` symbolizes enlightenment and also provides context to the 'S' making it a full person.


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Also more of my thought process:
The owner is Spanish and yo soy means I am > women are the center of the brand > yo soy is a palindrome and thr 'S' is at the center of the words

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I don't see a female form. At a glance, I thought the top part was part of a padlock. If you want to convey the female form, that big, round, fat letter is probably not what you want to use.

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