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Youth In Focus

Brief from client 

This is a new non-profit company that specializes in bringing new research to teachers to help the development in youth. It is all about making sure the teachers are aware of the most progressive and useful tools in the industry to use for teaching their students.

I was given the Name, Tagline and the requirement that there is a head silhouette in the icon. Any recommendations are welcome from a conceptual standpoint.

Thank you!


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Option 2

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Option 3

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Option 4

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And something completely different

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The last one is my favourite, by far. Although it's a bit conventional for this type of organisation, the symbol works the best compared to the other. It's colourful, dynamic, has a positive vibe. The other look way too generic or even medical.

Good work, keep it up!

PS: watch out, you are only allowed one logo in the thumbnail. Your post will eventually be edited.

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I agree with Shawali, the logo with the rays coming from the head look a bit like "your brain on Walmart." The last logo would work either in color or in black and white. It is crisp.

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