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Brief from client 

Hey, Matt!

I represent ZeldaGuide - a small publisher of videos, articles, and community events around Legend of Zelda games.

Honestly, we are having issues deciding on a set of visuals for the site. We’re often switching our header image at random, our logo has no relation to the games we produce content for, and visitors often confuse our site with similar blogs.

We need a visual identity that represents our website clearly.

Firstly, the new logo should avoid using the stereotypical Legend of Zelda typeface. We want to forge our own identity without being too dependent on another established brand. On the same topic, I want to personally avoid any copyright issues with Nintendo.

If we decide to create a symbol for the primary logo design, I want it to use similar color palettes, stylistic references, and visual language from the Zelda franchise.

We’re also interested in starting a t-shirt shop to diversify our revenue. Your logo would be the first design that we create merchandise with! This will force the final logo to use a maximum of three colors in order to produce merchandise with a screen-printing process.

I can’t wait to see how you decide to design our logo.

Hey Guys/Girls,

So its been a good while since I uploaded a logo to here and that's because I haven't been designing for about a year and a half now - my job title changed and to be honest I needed the change.

I'm currently in lock down and because I am trying to find things to do to fill my time I thought I would do a 30 day logo challenge and give myself 2-3 hours a day to design each logo on the briefs I'm sent - here is Day 2!

let me know your thoughts..

P.S. Charlie if you are still around then Hi dude!


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Hey Matt! Welcome back! Yup, I'm still around although mostly cleaning up daily spammers more than really commenting on people's posts. Which I should do more often.

Your logo looks pretty neat as usual. Maybe a complimenting font for the subtext would make it even greater.

Glad to have you back!

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hahah why doesn't that surprise me! It's good to see that you are still around, hope all is good with you :)

Yea I was thinking the word guide might be better in a different font, thanks buddy

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