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Brief from client 

zurish logo


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A little bit context and info would be helpful to us to give you feedback.

Is it something to spell something? It's not very clear.

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Are you aware that the search section for your site is not functioning properly? If you do a vector logo search it is not working anymore.

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I noticed that. I'm sure someone is taking care of it. I'll keep an eye out though. Just FYI, this is not my website, I'm merely a moderator.

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Without a brief, there really isn't a way to judge this properly. It is unreadable and does absolutely nothing to promote a person, business, or service. The colors don't help this at all. It would take a stellar brief for me to even begin to understand this logo.

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You say this is a Zurish logo,

But all I can find within a google search is "Zurich", which is german. I don't see anything German about this logo, so at some point coming back with a brief would help this.

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