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  • Logo of Mission Moon Mission Moon
  • Logo of FC Pyunik Yerevan FC Pyunik Yerevan
  • Logo of FC “Junior” FC “Junior”
  • Logo of FC “Avan Academy” FC “Avan Academy”
  • Logo of FC Ararat-Armenia Yerevan FC Ararat-Armenia Yerevan
  • Logo of FC Pyunik FC Pyunik
  • Logo of Football Federation of Armenia 1992-1995 Football Federation of Armenia 1992-1995
  • Logo of Futsal Club Leo Futsal Club Leo
  • Logo of FK Akhtamar Sevan FK Akhtamar Sevan
  • Logo of FK Araks Armavir FK Araks Armavir
  • Logo of FK Zangezour Goris FK Zangezour Goris
  • Logo of FK Nig Aparan FK Nig Aparan
  • Logo of FK Gyumri FK Gyumri
  • Logo of FK Shirak-2 Gyumri FK Shirak-2 Gyumri
  • Logo of FK Aragats Gyumri FK Aragats Gyumri
  • Logo of FK Aznavour Noyemberyan FK Aznavour Noyemberyan
  • Logo of FK SKA-Arai Vagharshapat FK SKA-Arai Vagharshapat
  • Logo of FK Zvartnots Vagharshapat FK Zvartnots Vagharshapat
  • Logo of FK Zvartnots Echmiadzin FK Zvartnots Echmiadzin
  • Logo of FK Debed Alaverdi FK Debed Alaverdi
  • Logo of FK Zoravan Yegvard FK Zoravan Yegvard
  • Logo of FK CSKA Yerevan FK CSKA Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Dinamo-2000 Yerevan FK Dinamo-2000 Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Dinamo Yerevan FK Dinamo Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Dvin Artashat FK Dvin Artashat
  • Logo of FC Arabkir Yerevan FC Arabkir Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Kanaz Yerevan FK Kanaz Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Shengavit Yerevan FK Shengavit Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Impuls Dilijan FK Impuls Dilijan
  • Logo of FK Erebuni Yerevan FK Erebuni Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Erebuni-Homenmen Yerevan FK Erebuni-Homenmen Yerevan
  • Logo of FK Homenmen Yerevan FK Homenmen Yerevan