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  • Logo of International Olympic Committee International Olympic Committee
  • Logo of Trelissac FC Trelissac FC
  • Logo of Lyon La Duchere Lyon La Duchere
  • Logo of FCSR Haguenau FCSR Haguenau
  • Logo of USVA Valenciennes (early 1990's logo) USVA Valenciennes (early 1990's logo)
  • Logo of AS Saint-Etienne (1950's logo) AS Saint-Etienne (1950's logo)
  • Logo of UC Stade Rennais (1950's logo) UC Stade Rennais (1950's logo)
  • Logo of SC Toulon (1950's logo) SC Toulon (1950's logo)
  • Logo of RC Strasbourg (1950's logo) RC Strasbourg (1950's logo)
  • Logo of FC Metz (1950's logo) FC Metz (1950's logo)
  • Logo of AS Beziers (1950's logo) AS Beziers (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Olympique Ales (1950's logo) Olympique Ales (1950's logo)
  • Logo of SCO Angers (1950's logo) SCO Angers (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Racing Club Paris (1950's logo) Racing Club Paris (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Angers SCO Angers SCO
  • Logo of Lulu Castagnette Enfant Lulu Castagnette Enfant
  • Logo of In Other Climes In Other Climes
  • Logo of FC Limonest FC Limonest
  • Logo of FC Toulouse (early 60's logo) FC Toulouse (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of IGOL IGOL
  • Logo of SO Montpellier (early 60's logo) SO Montpellier (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of FC Sochaux-Montbeliard (early 60's logo) FC Sochaux-Montbeliard (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of Nîmes Olimpique (early 60's logo) Nîmes Olimpique (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of FC Nancy (early 60's logo) FC Nancy (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of UA Sedan-Torcy (mid 60's logo) UA Sedan-Torcy (mid 60's logo)
  • Logo of UA Sedan-Torcy (early 60's logo) UA Sedan-Torcy (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of Le Havre AC (60's logo) Le Havre AC (60's logo)
  • Logo of FC Grenoble (early 60's logo) FC Grenoble (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of Limoges FC (early 60's logo) Limoges FC (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of AS Troyes (early 60's logo) AS Troyes (early 60's logo)