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  • Logo of S. T. P. T. - vio S. T. P. T. - vio
  • Logo of Crisana Oradea (early 60's logo) Crisana Oradea (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of Viitorul Bucuresti (60's logo) Viitorul Bucuresti (60's logo)
  • Logo of Metalul Targoviste (60's logo) Metalul Targoviste (60's logo)
  • Logo of Minerul Lupeni (60's logo) Minerul Lupeni (60's logo)
  • Logo of Corvinul Hunedoara (60's logo) Corvinul Hunedoara (60's logo)
  • Logo of Marketing Extrem MKx Marketing Extrem MKx
  • Logo of Marketing Extrem Marketing Extrem
  • Logo of BVR's Creative Lodge BVR's Creative Lodge
  • Logo of Gaz Metan Medias Gaz Metan Medias
  • Logo of Omniflux Omniflux
  • Logo of Jolize Jolize
  • Logo of ASU Politehnica Timisoara ASU Politehnica Timisoara
  • Logo of Harghita Business Center Harghita Business Center
  • Logo of Outer Rimm Outer Rimm
  • Logo of Outer Rimm Outer Rimm
  • Logo of Lumia Lumia
  • Logo of Raluca Herea Raluca Herea
  • Logo of RoPack RoPack
  • Logo of Madero Madero
  • Logo of Spotex Spotex
  • Logo of Epack Epack
  • Logo of Ortogether Ortogether
  • Logo of Funerare 24 Funerare 24
  • Logo of FC Gaz Metan Medias FC Gaz Metan Medias
  • Logo of FC UTA Arad FC UTA Arad
  • Logo of FC Gaz Metan Medias FC Gaz Metan Medias
  • Logo of AFC Hermannstadt Sibiu AFC Hermannstadt Sibiu
  • Logo of Ana Raton Internazionale Ana Raton Internazionale
  • Logo of Gradina cu Alune Gradina cu Alune
  • Logo of PMP - Partidul Miscarea Populara PMP - Partidul Miscarea Populara