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Beacon Point Logo

Brief from client 

Beacon Point is a multi-service one woman company offering copy editing, content writing, English tutoring, online writing courses, essay writing help, and writing blog tips. She wanted to show a sense of whimsical, fun, and vivacious (her personality) with a sense of professionalism. Purple is her favorite color.

Disclaimer: I am the client not the designer. However, I took the design he gave me and redid the colors and fonts because I didn't like the heavy/dark colors and font he gave me. It lost the whimy and felt too heavy for me.

Here's how I view his design solutions and my color and font choices:

The loop indicates movement and vivacious energy.

The feather indicates my various writing services in a broad sense.

The gold color, lighter purple, and font in business name show a sense of whimsy and fun.

The darker purple, font in tagline, and reducing the amount of colors shows a sense of professionalism.

The simplicity also shows professionalism.


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Hello, there!

First of all, I would say that you should look up to simplicity and readability, and I think this logo is kinda all over the place.

The texture in the feather definitively needs to go away in my opinion, is not adding any particular value to it. Plus it's making the symbol more complex and harsh. Also you could make the feather simpler in terms of iconicity.

Fonts are not working together. The top text doesn't translate as fun in my opinion, it looks more of a book-type font and the overall shape of it looks a little bit sloppy. And it seems the bottom text is being squashed down by the weight of the first one.

Side bars at the bottom are not alligned with the text and the dark purple color is not helping them because it is almost unnoticeable. I'd rather keep them black.

As far as the colors go, I think they are ok.


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Thanks for taking the time to respond. Any thoughts on color and typography choices posted below?

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Thanks for your remarks. These are the original font and colors my designer sent me. I felt the two he chose were too dark and heavy, not whimsical and fun. So I told him to maybe try one with a lavender (my favorite color).

I liked his original font ok; it just looked a bit futuristic/harsh to me. But maybe I should go with his original font choices and maybe one of his original color choices.

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I thought the red and orange were too harsh. I wanted to suggest whimsical, fun, approachable, but also professional. Ans the light purple and blue weren't professional. So I played around some.

Here were all the color combos I played with by finding color schemes based on purple.Maybe option 5? Same colors but without textured feather, and I could keep tagline black instead.

I posted them on facebook for feedback from family and friends. But we aren't designers, so what do we know? They were just telling me which ones they liked and matched my personality.

Maybe one of these? or none of these?

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I wanted business name to be in a more "fun," playful font (but still readable and not too playful as to detract from professionalism). And then my tagline to be in a more standard font.

Here were the ones I played around with, but maybe you have name of font that would work as more "playful" font that would look better with the Avenir font in tagline.

Or keep original fiveer design font.....if it doesn't look too space like futuristic vibe. I liked the two font idea...he just used one.

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