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Beacon Point Logo

Brief from client 

Beacon Point is a multi-service one woman company offering copy editing, content writing, English tutoring, online writing courses, essay writing help, and writing blog tips. She wanted to show a sense of whimsical, fun, and vivacious (her personality) with a sense of professionalism. Purple is her favorite color.

This is version 2.

I am the client, not the designer. I liked his design, but not his color choices or font choices. So I have been playing around with that.

Changes from Version 1:

Got rid of gold textured feather--using the dark purple color from the top circle loop, and then changing the top circle loop to black.

Chose a different font for business name.

Changed lines next to tagline to black instead of the dark purple.


Shawali's picture
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Besides the terrible font choices, the main problem I see with this logo is its symbol. That feather is way too detailed, with bits and pointy ends everywhere. Way too complicated. it makes the whole logo feel dated, although the main font has a huge role in that too. But this looks like a logo from the 90's.

The color are also not great. They are all too dark, they clearly lack contrast. Have 2 colors tops, one darker, one lighter. Don't have black + dark purple.

Also, do you have any idea why the symbol is so pixelated while the word mark is not? Plea make sure that the designer used Illustrator, or at least any vector based software (not much else than Illustrator, though). It feels like this's been done with Photoshop or worse (gimp or MS Paint)

For me, this logo isn't working as it is. But I'd be happy to see the future revisions.

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