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American Parks & Harmony

Brief from client 

So I'm working on the actual branding for my line of parks logos.

I loved the idea of something typography based to contrast all the illustration work I put into the collaborative designs. That way it wasn't overbearing, however still tied into my collection.

I'm attaching the same logo in black, in a single color, and in my gradient technique.

Updated fonts, and its actually in a solid color.


Shawali's picture
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Much better! About this distressing texture: either go all the way or not at all. Right now, it doesn't really bring anything good.

I would do away with the double frame. The whole composition would breath better without it.

Keep it up!

fredrg's picture
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I agree with Charlie, when you get the details down it will fit well with your parks posters.

unterm rad's picture
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Personally, I like the double frame. It ties things together nicely and makes it more emblematic.

Charlie's right about the distressing of "PARKS" though, it seems there should be more of it. But the other lettering seems like it might be too small to try to incorporate it.

What if the inner background were reversed, red with white letters, and the distressed effect was in the background instead of the wording? Just a thought.

I'm not crazy about the font for "AMERICAN", however. It looks a little blobby, maybe it's just the screencap because everything looks a little rounded off.

Anyway, good work so far.

What do you think of it, yourself?

j.o.y's picture
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I also like the double outline. Gives it a real "badge" feel. However, and I said this in version 1, I'm still on the fence about the word Harmony in that V shape. Am I the only one who doesn't like that? If so, I'll hush =)

ErinsSonicYouth's picture
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I plan on using my little blobby American font in other things, so I'm going to be a stubborn goose and keep it.

The distressing actually isn't custom, there are like, 4 different versions of this font "Sonder" that I'm using. So I'll come up with options with no distressing, all distressing, and with the colors flipped. I appreciate all the critiques.

I'd also want this logo to exist in that "Gradient" effect as well, so I'm not so sure how well the flipped colors will look, however I'm going to give it a shot anyways.

Version history

  • Version 1

    • I 100%
    • S 100%
    • T 50%
    • C 100%
  • Version 2

    • I 100%
    • S 100%
    • T 100%
    • C No votes yet.
  • Version 3

    • I No votes yet.
    • S No votes yet.
    • T No votes yet.
    • C No votes yet.