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Beaufort River Dental

Brief from client 

Many dental businesses use an obvious tooth for their logo. Instead, we want a shrimping boat within the logo design as well as a vintage southern script font.

Although they didn't specifically ask for a tooth I decided if there was a subtle way to depict one I should go for it. I decided to add some minty green color since it kind of reminds me of clean teeth. It's pretty late for me. Calling it a night and will get back on this tomorrow to add some more netting on the boat. Just need some new pair of eyes to keep me in check and to spot any flaws I should fix before I go further. Thank you.


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80 pencils

Oh look, a fellow South Carolinian.

So, this idea is actually pretty cool, and I'm not just saying that because I've designed something similar in the past. It looks like a swampy fishing day in the South.

My issue with this is your execution.

You have a lot going on here. You have this gradient everywhere, which you absolutely do not need. The less colors, the better, especially when it comes to print or different applications.

Some of the lines, such as the single black lines sticking out of the boat, are not necessary. They won't be visible once you shrink this logo down. For proof, you can look at the thumbnail on the Critique page; you already can't see them.

I'm not *crazy* about your font choice. It seems a little too on the nose and a little too typical. That could just be because it is paired with a gradient though, so this one is more of a personal preference. I would however, watch your kerning. "Dental"'s kerning is wild, and Beaufort is all squished together. You also can't really read it once your logo is shrunk down, which is a huge problem for me. You may need to fix your hierarchy.

So overall, simplify this down a lot colorwise, and cut out some unnecessary details. Keep it up!

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