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Beaufort River Dental

Brief from client 

Many dental businesses use an obvious tooth for their logo. Instead, we want a shrimping boat within the logo design as well as a vintage southern script font.


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80 pencils

Oh yeah, this is definitely getting better.

For the Est, would it not be Est. instead of ESTD?

I still think you're adding detail where you don't exactly need it, and there's a couple continuity issues.

For example, on the hull of the boat. I would either make all points rounded, or all points sharp. This mis-match kind of throws the eye off.

I'm not so sure you need those three black keylines behind the boat. If that is meant to be a shadow, I don't think it is necessarily coming across.

I love these colors so much better, they're far more inviting.

Watch your kerning on "dental". the spacing looks a bit uneven, but that could just be my eyes, but I'm also wondering if you need that much spacing to begin with.

Overall I really like this, we are just nitpicking at this point, which is a good thing! It means you made it through the hard part of the process lol.

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1 pencil

Thank you for taking your time to critique my logo!

I got rid of the date, and I rounded out as many of the corners as I could.
The three lines are just supposed to be poles. Shrimping boats have so much going on, with poles and nets I figured I needed something back there.

I have a lot of variations of this logo laid out that I will probably have most of the options the client might ask for at hand when it comes to presenting.
Once again thanks

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