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Birdland Woodworks

Brief from client 

A custom furniture company specializing in clean designs that honor the raw material.

This is my first go at it, so all feedback is welcome. Plenty of ideation sketches to feed from if we need to go all the way back the drawing board!


cooperads's picture
195 pencils

Have you considered a simple piece of furniture in the circle rather than a bare branch?

himber's picture

I had not considered that. I'll try a little sketch session on that idea to see what happens. Thank you for the idea!

Shawali's picture
1374 pencils

This is really interesting!

I for one really like the symbol. Simple, memorable and in line with your concept.

Now, the word mark needs some work. You need to harmonise the tracking and kerning of each with words. Right now, there's an unbalance between the two.

Or you could consider "woodworks" as the subtext, use complimenting font and change the composition.

Good job so far.

himber's picture

Thank you for the feedback! I'm actually really struggling with the typeface. I've been trying to use monospace fonts to keep the symbol centered between the two words - in full disclosure, this is probably only one of a few treatments that I'll use, so I'm not married to this typeface at all.

But, I like the idea of having Birdland and Woodworks be a very similar length (they're only 1 letter different in length) thus the monospace font. I'll start playing around with different fonts, uppercase, lowercase, etc.

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