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Gestos Nativos - logo

Brief from client 

Company: Portuguese hand painted tiles called "gestos nativos" that roughly translated means "native gestures"

Briefing: In the client words: "I don´t know, make someting classic and elegant, someting portuguese, traditional but... I don´t know, do your thing"

This logo has been a challenge... any help is welcome

Idea: Portuguese Hand painted tiles have a particular style, a lot of leafe-like ornaments, so, my idea was to create a symbol based on them... then i transformed the ornament into a boat, making a reference to a very big part of portuguese history and culture, the discoverys by sea (like brasil, india, guiné, angola...)

- Colors are not decided yet, maybe blue, red or yellow-ish (since those are predominant in the tiles)

- I´m still not 100% sure about the type too.

I´ll post some references in the comment section


EdgarSacadura's picture
9 pencils

This style of ornaments are very used in this painting

j.o.y's picture
238 pencils

Well off the bat I think this is looking pretty nice.
I would kind of like to see a more elegant style sail for the boat. The boat is pretty fancy and then the sail looks like the ones used on kids boat races!
I have no problem with the font. It works with the symbol so far.
Using the flourish is a pretty clever idea- keep tweaking the sail/boat and this will turn out great! Good job.

EdgarSacadura's picture
9 pencils

For some reason i can´t upload a new version... it says "AJAX HTTP error 500" ...... So i´ll post here

Like J.O.Y. sugested on previous version, the sail was not good, o hope this is better! :D Thank you for your help

I still think that it need some small improvements, specially on the curves, but its getting better (i hope)

cooperads's picture
162 pencils

I really like the new upload with the embellished sails. I don't want a thumbs up until it is posted on its own.

ALIASII's picture
6 pencils

I like the new sails and royal blue instead of lime.
My issue is that the boat looks like it is sailing backwards. Boats are usually tapered at the front and broader at the back.

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