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Gestos Nativos - logo

Brief from client 

Company: Portuguese hand painted tiles called "gestos nativos" that roughly translated means "native gestures"

Briefing: In the client words: "I don´t know, make someting classic and elegant, someting portuguese, traditional but... I don´t know, do your thing"

So here it is... besides possible changes in the future this will be the last version that i´ll post. I´ve changed the blue, for a specific blue used on this kind of paintnig, some fine tuning on the symbol, and changed the font (with some changes)

Again... a big thank you to everyone that helped me, i´ve seen some ugly "discutions" in this website too many times, so to everyone reading this, please note:

- A critique is not an insult.

- A bad and ugly design doen´t give you the right to insult the creator, try to follow the exemple of some members and try to help instead of destroy

- Sometimes a critique is also based on personal taste, you´re not forced to change everything

- If everyone is giving you the same critique maybe you should put your pride aside and try to improve instead enter in "defensive mode"

- This is not the place to be a show off, sometimes a little humility is good

- Create! create create... a bad work today will give you bases to make a good one tomorrow, please don´t stop just because some ugly comments.


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Lobster alert!!! Abort! Abort! ;)

Lobster is a font you really don't want to use. It's a great font but since it's mostly free, it's used everywhere and most of the time not on great stuff. Suffice to say, it just makes anything look cheap and amateurish. It's definitely in Comic Sans/Papyrus territory.

As for the subtext, Didot (or what looks like it) isn't a great choice either, as it doesn't really compliment the word mark. You need to find a type that really contrasts with the main one. For example, if your main font is a bold serif in italic, pick a regular sans serif font. Or a narrow block font if the wordmark is a script extended one.

Here's a cool site that gives you multiple examples of cool font combinations:

But please get rid of that super cheap Lobster !!!! ;)

EdgarSacadura's picture
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Well... Now i know :D I really didn´t had that idea about lobster...
Do you think this could be a better option? I really like this one...

EdgarSacadura's picture
9 pencils

Do you know if its possible to delete one version? I really don´t want to fill the main page with boats XD

EdgarSacadura's picture
9 pencils

I like this two... I think they work

JNF Design's picture
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I think the bottom font is your best bet of these options. It has the nice little flairs at the ends that compliment the design and all of the ligatures are connected. Is there a reason Nativos isn't capitalized? I feel it should be.

EdgarSacadura's picture
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Its a request from the client, he really doesn´t want the capitalized N... The bottom one is my favourite too so far.

j.o.y's picture
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Bottom one gets my vote! If you would fix that one ligature between E and S in Gestos you'll be set! Just let the E connect at the bottom of the S. Nice job!
By the way, what font is that you are using?

EdgarSacadura's picture
9 pencils

Hi!, i´ve uploaded a new version... i really dig it now. Im using snell roundhand script with Forum in the subtext. Btw thank you for all the help!

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