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Industrial Device

Brief from client 

Industrial automation multi directional protocol converter. Logo required to be used as configure software icon.

Your comment/input is truly appreciated. Thank you very much!


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1302 pencils

Much better. But not finished yet. The word mark still needs some work. It should be centered. I'm not sure these fonts work well together.

Globally, between red, pink, grey and black, you have too many colours. Stick to two tops.

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Hi Shawali,

Thanks for your comments, when you said "word mark should be centered", did you mean they should be centralized among themselves or should be brought under the symbol? Truly appreciate your continuous guidance.

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1302 pencils

Among themselves.

Then, you can have several versions of your logo, with different compositions, including one with the word mark under the logo

Version history

  • Version 1

    • I 100%
    • S 100%
    • T 0%
    • C 0%
  • Version 2

    • I No votes yet.
    • S No votes yet.
    • T No votes yet.
    • C No votes yet.