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Logo for a company in the consultancy and training sector Health and Safety at Work

Brief from client 

Logo for consulting and training company in the field of health and safety at work.

Your feedback will be very welcome, thanks.


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Is that triangle a C or just an arrow pointing left? Both versions are confusing.

But whether it is a C or not, it's not working.

- It's a C: altering the first letter of a word is a tricky thing. A font is a whole mess of sizes and proportions and adding an alien character into it just screw the whole thing.

- It's an arrow: why is it pointing left? Since most languages are read left to right, it goes in the wrong direction, as in it's going backward. Not a great symbol for a company (except if it deals in time traveling, in which case it's totally cool. ;)

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First of all, thank you for your opinion and suggestions. We will keep them in mind.
Our idea was for a C that was also an arrow that hits the target of safety and health at work, this represented graphically by the symbol of arrows placed in a circle (the latter is a scheme of the sector). This is why we did not consider it important to have the sense of reading left-right hung ... maybe this logo will be appreciated by people of Arab culture where they read from right to left. ;)

The green color, tranquility and health, is the circle that represents safety at work, while the word CARMA is in blue to give a sense of trust, reliability and classicism, but also technological. Here is the reason for choosing a futuristic but old-fashioned character.
That was our idea.

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The font is not working at all. You need something legible and inviting. Look at humanist fonts. The first execution looks like a clock at 5 past 4 with Arma next to it, perhaps leading the viewer to think of an alarm company... Armed around the clock. The second one you can see that it is trying to say Carma, but the C is too far different from the rest of the characters and way too big.

The colors could work.

There are lots of ways you could execute safety and health with a symbol, not that it will be easy, but that's the point. Then choose a nice typeface to use with the icon if you go that route.

Did the name Carma come to you from the client? It doesn't make me think of safety or trust or work. If you can change the name, I bet there is a great acronym you could come up with from all the first letters of the feelings/ meanings you are trying to portray.

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