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Logo for a company in the consultancy and training sector Health and Safety at Work

Brief from client 

Logo for consulting and training company in the field of health and safety at work.

Version 2


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Is it supposed to read "Carma" or "Arma"? Right now, I totally read the latter. But looking at version 1, I have some doubts.

If indeed the name it's "Carma", then it's not working at all. Replacing by a character is rarely a good idea and it's pretty hard to achieve.

Globally, I'm not feeling this logo at all. It looks very dated, especially the font that might have been kinda futuristic looking a couple of decades ago.

I'd say what is lacking here, is a good amount of market research, an even bigger amount of inspiration (Pinterest is your friend) and even a greater amount of sketching. As in computer off, pen and paper only.

Keep it up!

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Case in point:

This is from a 30-year-old video game.

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Wow! Nice pull! Forgot about that game.

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