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Logo for women clothes shop

Brief from client 

The client is a online shop that will sale women clothes. The age of the future clients are: from 25 to 45. Working women, that feel free, natural, comfortable with their life, jobs, family. They have different activities during the day, so the clothes must be versatile, it can be used in different social situation, is no informal, but not formal, is like casual.

This is the logo, I like the typography but not convince about the symbol, I think it looks more like a pregnancy logo, or something related with babies.

The logo says: BARU - Indumentaria (is can be translated like: BARU - attire, or something like that, sorry for my english).

I had another design but they didn't like it, is was with a sans serif font, with a more modern look, but they want a handwritten typography.

Hope you can help continue with this work, thanks


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Two things for starters: I read Zaru (I think you need the vertical line to read like a B) And 2, I don't know what the symbol is supposed to represent- can you clarify?

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Thank you for your comment, you are absolutely right about zaru, I have changed it, and remove the symbol ( it suppose to represent something like a dress, but is not convincing).
I definitely think that it looks better, but doesn't feel right yet. I think I must keep working

Version history

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  • Version 2

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