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Personal Brand Mark

Brief from client 

My initials are NJP and I've been using a handwritten version of this mark since middleschool.

People seemed to be confused by the bars covering my name on the last one so I'll just leave the type off of this version.

I've come to the point where I think based on the amount of sketches I have I might just design a singular N. I love that strong middle parallelogram and having a design studio based on a first name is relatively unique from the research I've done.

I've really had fun with this though and surprised myself at how much I love sketching shapes over and over and OVER again.

Thank you all for the feedback - I really appreciate it!
(also let me know if I've been too spammy about this and I'll cut down on my posting.)


j.o.y's picture
238 pencils

now it looks stretched all to hell and is putting the poor P in against the wall!

After all the advice about sketching, researching, and SKETCHING- you appear to remain on your computer trying to force this idea to work---and it doesn't!

Sorry, another step back in my opinion.

Shawali's picture
1337 pencils

Yeah, this is not working either. It looks you're beating a dead horse with that direction. Take some time off from it, get yourself immersed into great logos on Pinterest or and the likes.

And get back to it with a fresh eye, only on paper though.

Keep it up! You'll get there!

Carlo_5's picture
12 pencils

Agreed and Agreed - Sorry NJP.

Shawali has a point I tried to hit on about going back to basics in your prior version. And immersion in different styles.
Remember - printing out fonts and arranging forms actual “cutting and pasting”

This attempt has been stretched squashed bashed and bruised. Time to put it aside.

I will note - I think you are grasping the abstraction of shapes more so here with the P than ever before.

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