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Personal Branding Logo

Brief from client 

This is a starting point for a new personal logo, I am looking for some ideas on how to make this better. I am unsure on color scheme yet. I wanted to focus on the initial design first. Thanks!

This is the updated version of my personal logo, I am still unsure of a color choice yet. Any advise would be appreciated


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The symbol is enough, you don't need to modify the type below it. Look for a better font choice and maybe consider changing the copy to something a bit more creative. Also the white stroke/negative space on the right side of the A should also be on the left side. Also reconsider the size ratio of the symbol to the type. Great start!

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I would work on the symbol more before adding type. Maybe start with a B&W version, get a nice flow to the monogram (AS would be more interesting than just A) before doing the shaded ribbon version, & only use those cutout overlap areas on the monochrome one.

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Avengers with terrible typography. Try Comic Sans?

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Come on, helpful feedback should try to explain why certain aspects of a design aren’t working or offer suggestions on how they can be improved. Just insulting the design doesn't OP designer improve and turns people off from coming here.

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Fair enough... I did give a lazy critique! Maybe adjust the proportions of the logo in relation to the type, making the logo much smaller in comparison. Simplify the typography and maybe not worry about linking the typographic elements, it does look a little forced and throws the type off balance. I think the blends work nicely and the muted colour palette is nice enough. Maybe try a consistent treatment of the intersecting elements of the logo?

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graphic designer = skewed type??? That's a big no-no!

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