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Personal Branding Logo

Brief from client 

This is a starting point for a new personal logo, I am looking for some ideas on how to make this better. I am unsure on color scheme yet. I wanted to focus on the initial design first. Thanks!

I tried scrapping the other idea, and came up with this, what are your thoughts?


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I'm not using thumbs yet, because I am not sure how to vote. This is a lot more interesting and personal than what you had before- so that is good. But a few things-
This has an odd layout with the pencil so low under the name- this might give you trouble down the road when you start trying to actually use this logo.
I would ditch the word designer- you won't always need it- and right now it feels like a little afterthought. It's placement does not seem intentional.
You are using 5 colors right now- this probably should be simplified to maybe 2-3. It should also work in black and white- I am not sure your pencil works without color???
The lettering- the W and the S need work- some of the curves are off in the S and the W just feels crooked compared to other letters.I would not connect the D and B- it feels gimmicky. Your letters have a lot of character already so keep the rest simple.
Maybe if your swoosh came up closer so the pencil could sit next to the logo smaller this may work- but keep in mind that pencils, pen tools, ect are kind of overdone in designer's logos.
After all that "bad" I want to go back to the good =) this logo is much more creative than what you had- so keep it up and stay on this track of thinking!

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