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Sock Palace

Brief from client 

A graphic sock store. They are targeting males between 15 and 30. They want it black and white so they can use it on the socks (I might make some colors variations anyway, though).

A bit more complex now. One of the very few ideas that are working right now when I try to put socks and a palace in the same icon.


ErinsSonicYouth's picture
80 pencils

Where exactly is this company going to be located?

Right now, that won't be recognizable as a palace to anybody in the western world. It doesn't even represent Buckingham Palace, which is the least stereotypical looking palace around.

You don't need to add little details like windows, but rather you should shape the socks so that the negative space actually looks like a palace. Think more pointed domes, arches, etc.

Sketch some really minimal negative space shapes, and see what you can come up with.

Version history

  • Version 1

    • I 0%
    • S 100%
    • T 100%
    • C No votes yet.
  • Version 2

    • I No votes yet.
    • S No votes yet.
    • T No votes yet.
    • C No votes yet.