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The Stanced Ones

Brief from client 

Hey there, I'm making a logo for a group of car enthusiasts. We call ourselves "The Stanced Ones". I have this so far.

What do you think? Any ideias ou sugestions?

Thank you


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It's a good start.

I'm not a fan of the slightly bolder font. It's either too bold or not bold enough. I for one would give it the same weight as the rest of the logo.

That thing you did with the T overlapping tghe H is cool and all, but we don't anything like that anywhere else in the logo. It doesn't really bring anything to the plate and if the logo works without it, then it's superfluous and you can remove it altogether.

Keep it up!

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Hey, I see what you mean by the bold. When i get home I will make a change and re-send it =)

Thank you

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