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The Stanced Ones

Brief from client 

Hey there, I'm making a logo for a group of car enthusiasts. We call ourselves "The Stanced Ones". I have this so far.

What do you think? Any ideias ou sugestions?

Thank you

How about this?


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I like the feel of it as it reminds me of an easy to read wildstyle or the old Need for Speed games which I feel fits the style of cars I assume you guys have. If your group has suped up cars like in Need for Speed the style fits but, if it's more classic or muscle cars this may not be the best direction.

As for the typography it needs a lot of help. The biggest issue with it is that it reads as "The Staneed Ones" when looking at it quickly as the "c" in this font or style looks way to similar to the "e" with only a small gap being the difference between the two.

Also something to keep in mind is how the letters run into each other such as the "T" in "The" and "Stanced" while the "h" and "e" in "The" do not touch one another. This can make it feel undecided as to if you want the words or letters running into each other or not. If this is something you want as the style I'd recommend focusing on what is connected and what is not and making sure that those that are and are not connected feel like they are meant to be that way as opposed to that's just how the font is.

Hope this helps!

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My brain sees the 'The Stoned ones' at first - partly because 'the Stanced ones' is a pretty unfamiliar phrase, so you'll need to work a bit harder making that legible.

Let's talk ligatures..

Ligatures are based on handrawn type. If I trace your ligatures with my finger it doesn't really flow from the first word to the last. At the moment your ligatures jump lines, go right to left - not connecting as a pen would.
You can break this rule of course but start from there first.

And the arrow is again breaking that visual heirarchy/flow. You read the first two words, then your eyes hit an arrow saying wrong way buddy, go back.

And lastly, because it is such a tight bit of typography you're going to want to avoid too many distracting extra bits - the little curl on the A for example, needs to go, and any other little bits that jutt out on the other letters.

Good luck!

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