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Brief from client 

Logo redesign for a higher education center


Shawali's picture
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The flame is definitely a plus but I think you must let go of the globe. It's just getting in the way.

That bird is a bit too stiff. Try to find a way to make it look more lively.

cooperads's picture
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I agree with Shawali, the globe is a distraction from what could be a lovely bird.

armoniavisual's picture

Thank you gays. About the world this element is part of the actual logo and the client want it.

armoniavisual's picture

This is the actual logo

j.o.y's picture
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Well you are making definite improvements from where you started- but I agree with above. If they must have it, maybe you could remove all of the detail you put into the globe and simplify it so that it stays in the background and the focus stays on the bird?
Also there are some points at 3 o'clock and 12 o'clock on the globe that could be smoothed, and there is a line that looks like something is in the birds mouth that should be fixed.

armoniavisual's picture

thank you j.o.y i will do it

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