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Brief from client 

Logo redesign for a higher education center

What about this one?


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Tweak the lower right feather at the bottom right corner and double check the gap between that feather and the one above it.

armoniavisual's picture

thank you!

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Quick question: do you really have to stick with that color scheme? It's not bad, but it looks a bit too sport-y and not too much education-y.

armoniavisual's picture

Thank you Shawali, i can try with diferent colors, but this are the colors that the client want. The client want the same colors of FEDEX logo.

Shawali's picture
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Well if that's the only reason you picked these colors, the client is just plain wrong. What's the point of having the same colors as FedEx?

It's your job as a professional to guide your client toward the solution that he needs, not the one he wants.

Try out a few other color combinations and submit them to him/her. These purple and orange thing doesn't really fit a university and FedEx has nothing to do with that kind of business.

To be frank, these colors made me think of the Phoenix Suns.

Check out all the logos from all the universities and see what inspires you.

armoniavisual's picture

Thank you Shawali

Jokkmokken's picture
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Absolutely agree with Shawali. To me it lacks the "serious" feeling of a traditional university and the if it is a modern university it lacks the "minimalistic" feeling. To me it's something in-between right now.

The city i live in happens to have a quite known university world wide. Now this is a very "traditional" university with lots of history behind it so perhaps it's not very well suited in comparison with the university you are working with.

That being said the colours of gold (perhaps the most precious metal) representing something exclusive and "above everything else" works well for a university with this kind of history. Also in the context of "higher education" as seen as something very valuable. The blue color adding a sincerity and stability to it.

armoniavisual's picture

Thank you Jokkmokken

armoniavisual's picture

I like your opinion Jokkmokken about the colors, but there is one logo yet with this kind of color very similar to mine

armoniavisual's picture

this is what its like

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I like it very much except for the circles at the points of the globe. They attract my eye and are creating a semi optical illusion

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