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Logo for FVD

Brief from client 

FVD is a graphic design agency that focuses on designing corporate marketing collateral.


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I like the idea and were you are trying to go with this.

But with your market focus try using a more elegent font, and please drop the gradiants.

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Better. Not quite there yet but definitely a step in the right direction.

That pigeon needs some drastic fine tuning. But the first question you have to ask yourself is "is a pigeon the right choice?" A bird? Yeah, that's cool, there are a lot of positive values you tie to it.

But why a pigeon in particular? For me, it has a lot of pretty negative values attached to it: they are dirty, they shit everywhere, they live in filth, etc... Look at all the companies, organizations and countries that have a bird as a symbol. It's all eagles, hawks and phoenix (and a rooster for France! ;). But not a pigeon in sight... There's a reason for that. You don't pick a symbol randomly or just because it's cute. You have to back up your choice with real and tangibles arguments.

Now, it doesn't mean that you should never ever use a pigeon as your symbol. If there are as many rules as there are ways to break them. With a perfect execution and the right look and feel, you could make it look great and disruptive.

Problem is, your execution right here has a lot of room for improvement. It looks like you simply drew over a pre existing image of a pigeon. Look at what armonivisual did with his UNEFA logo:

That's where sketching comes in very handy. Sketch and sketch again until you find the perfect way to depict your pigeon. May at the end, it won't be looking like a pigeon anymore, but the work and intentions you put in it will show.

Also, always go for simplicity. You don't need all those diamond shapes around the bird. Always boil down your logos to the strict essential. If you remove them, does your logo really change? (Hint: nope)

As I said, you made a step in the right direction. Keep it up!

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Yup, that's a bit disappointing...

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Nothing wrong with that. Open source. I guess graphic designers who use fonts and photos from other folks is disappointing as well. Just saying ..

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Wow, tone down the attitude a few notches, please.

Clip arts, may they be free or paid for, are UNACCEPTABLE for any self-respecting graphic designer. Using them is just flat out lazy and goes to show that you don't know the first thing about graphic design.

What's really disappointing, to be honest, is that condescending and childish attitude you've been showing lately. I and a few others went out of our way to help you, because you desperately need it, and all we get in return is that irritating passive/aggressive demeanor from you.

You need a serious reality check, buddy. I don't know how long you've been into graphic design, or what's school or online university you've been to, but here's a little truth gem for you: you're just not good. Not yet. Not by a long shot.

You picture yourself as a seasoned designer, but everything from your poorly thought through and terribly executed logos, to all these made-up facts you convinced yourself with (NO, clip arts are not like fonts, NO, a happy client doesn't mean your logo is good) are just proof that you are in way over your head.

You don't like that Unterm Rad said you should attend some community college courses? Boo fucking hoo. How could he know you've been making logos for years when he sees these posts of yours? These logos is what I would expect from an amateur or a first year student. And that's everybody thought you were.

So now, change your attitude, act like an adult and start learning. Like really. Forget everything you think you know about graphic design, because it's all bullshit. Stop beating a dead horse and start applying the pointers I gave you a few days ago (research, inspiration and a shitload of sketching)

I'm sorry I have to be blunt with you. I'd really like to see you improve your skills, but there a lot of stuff you need to figure out first.

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Here's my issue with the clip-art argument.

I don't care if its open source, that doesn't make it right. Just because da-font is a free font website, doesn't mean that it is a good idea to use it.

Graphic designers aren't photographers. We hire photographers to do custom work, or we learn how to photograph things ourself.

Graphic designers are also not type designers. It takes months, sometimes years, to design a font and put it to use. Don't use baseless false equivalencies.

Your entire company is centered around designing custom branding for other people. I would be, honestly, very upset, if I paid good money as a client for custom branding, and found out you used graphics that any joe schmo on the internet can download.

We aren't telling you this to corner you, we are telling you this because we want all designers to be the best versions of themselves.

If you can't illustrate, then don't offer logo designs with an illustration aesthetic.

Forbz's picture

I agree with you guys 101%. I did say I used it for the concept of my logo but I would definitely not use it for my clients. Yes I know. That was a dum thing to do. I know I know.

I use opensource clipart along with photos in my designs, but not for a logo guys. if you notice in my first version of the logo, I did my logo on the computer. That is how I normally do my logos over the years. Now that I have a graphic design agency in the making, I have to hire an illustrator to do logos until I have mastered it. That's all I am saying.

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