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Logo for FVD

Brief from client 

FVD is a graphic design agency that focuses on designing corporate marketing collateral.


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Sorry guys. I did not save in high res.

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Yeah. I think it's time to kill the taucan.

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Spend a day writing every word that describes the company and the services you provide on a piece of paper. Somewhere along the line, you will come up with an idea. Pretty sure Toucan isn't one of the words you will write.

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You also should think about how black, red, and green reads.

All you'd need is that blue to turn more into a yellow, and you have the many flags of countries in Africa.

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The taucan is a bird that desires to be seen because of its colorful appearance. I used the primary colors to indicate "vision" and notice that the wings form a "V shape" with the bird in the center. Oh Well! I guess that didn't work so back to the drawing board.

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Maybe it's time to go back to the "concept board" instead of the drawing board! Spend some time thinking about your business, the vibe, the target audience, what your competition does well, what impression you want to give your customers, etc. Try word mapping to see what interesting ideas come out. Then start sketching from the best of what you come up with.
You have uploaded a ton of versions- and it almost feels like you are not completely happy with any of them either! Maybe a sort of "do-over" will help you here. Good luck.

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You are right on the money j.o.y. I am doing just that.

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