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Brief from client 

The client is a startup that enables people to run speed networking events over video conference. They want to convey the video conferencing aspect of their service within the logo to clarify that the "away" in Meetaway represents meet freely (somewhat like "hit away" means swing freely in baseball).

Their goals are:
1) convey that it's video conferencing
2) keep it fun ...and professional (but not at all corporate)
3) make it stand out from other logos, instead of blending in.

This is the winning design concept but not a final product, so brutally honest feedback is encouraged.

We've selected black, white, and blue to represent the brand in a way that's professional, yet fun.

Turned the "M" into a person who is talking over video conference to convey the nature of the product. Specifically, added an oval head, rounded shoulders, semi-circle for hands, and thicker mid-section to ensure the M is seen both as an M and also as a person.

Plan to use the "M" within the video monitor as an icon that represents the brand. Decided to incorporate the icon as part of the logo instead of as a stand alone icon to be a bit different than the norm for web logos.

We've made "away" a different color to increase readability. And, we've italicized it to convey a sense of speed and freedom.

Included a black background to help the logo standout from others.

Used rounded shapes and san serif font to create a friendly, approachable feel.

Open to any / all feedback.

Thanks for the feedback!


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The M being also the symbol in this logo, in a totally different shape than the main font, isolated in a box that separates it from the rest of the word, makes me read "eetaway" at first glance.

Spend more time sketching on paper before committing on anything on the computer. That way, ideas will almost magically appears at the tip of your pen, much organically and easily that it would ever do on the screen. Remember, creativity is in your brain and your hands, not in the code of a software. Also, a good amount of inspiration should aptly lubricate your creativity pipe. To that end, check these sites: and get yourself a Pinterest account if you haven't already.

Keep it up!!

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