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SmartPass - Tickets for events

Brief from client 

Hello guys

Client Brief: This logo is for an e-commerce site that sells tickets for events such as shows, sports and so on. Also managing the access to the event (AKA check-in).

System features:
- Easy to use interface.
- Great buyer experience.
- FAST & reliable operation.
- User friendly dashboard for managing events.

More info: The main strength over the other systems is the fluidity that allows the customer to enter faster on the event.

The color has been chosen based on the competitors, because it's really different from competitions. Also, the color must be strong.

That been said, consider that the up arrows means:
- Speed.
- Send (Tickets are electronic, sent to the customers).
- Fluidity (That's why there are two ones).
- Entrance, fast access.

Thank you for any feedback :)



cooperads's picture
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There is WAAAAAYYYYYY too much going on here. You have the symbol to the left, a broken type in SMART and all that slanted type at the end. My eye doesn't know where to go and doesn't know what's important. In my humble opinion, you need to entirely scrap this and start over.

Shawali's picture
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Thanks for removing the link.

I agree with Coop. Way too much going on. You need to simplify drastically.

You have 3 ideas crammed in the same logo.

I kinda like what's going on with "smart". Maybe keep this and remove or simplify the rest.

The color scheme is cool, keep it. Try to upload a JPEG in higher quality next time.

Keep it up.

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