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SmartPass - Tickets for events

Brief from client 

Hello guys

Client Brief: This logo is for an e-commerce site that sells tickets for events such as shows, sports and so on. Also managing the access to the event (AKA check-in).

System features:
- Easy to use interface.
- Great buyer experience.
- FAST & reliable operation.
- User friendly dashboard for managing events.

More info: The main strength over the other systems is the fluidity that allows the customer to enter faster on the event.

The color has been chosen based on the competitors, because it's really different from competitions. Also, the color must be strong.

That been said, consider that the up arrows means:
- Speed.
- Send (Tickets are electronic, sent to the customers).
- Fluidity (That's why there are two ones).
- Entrance, fast access.

Thank you for any feedback :)

Completely revamped ..

New colors, new font, all new.

Some explanations about the logo symbology:

Thank you


Shawali's picture
1311 pencils

This is a major improvement from previous versions. Good job!

Now, there is still room for some improvement. I'm not really sure about all these forced ligatures which kinda screw with the kerning. For the sake of simplicity, you might want to remove them and go for a cleaner more streamlined wordmark.

Maybe the x-height of your wordmark could match the height of the symbol. Just maybe.

The subtext still feels like an afterthought. As a rule of thumb, it shouldn't be an integral part of the basic version of your logo. ANd if you have to have it in there, I'd place it on the right so the logo is not too left heavy.

Overall, this is definitely on the right track. keep it up!

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