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  • Logo of Funker Vogt Funker Vogt
  • Logo of Opel Squad Opel Squad
  • Logo of Galano Galano
  • Logo of SKS Germany SKS Germany
  • Logo of Roeckl Roeckl
  • Logo of Puky Puky
  • Logo of Ortlieb Ortlieb
  • Logo of Kreidler Kreidler
  • Logo of Haibike Haibike
  • Logo of GHOST Bikes GHOST Bikes
  • Logo of Perske Perske
  • Logo of Opel Frogster Opel Frogster
  • Logo of Audi R10 Audi R10
  • Logo of Volleyballclub Baustetten e. V. Volleyballclub Baustetten e. V.
  • Logo of Nivea Sun Nivea Sun
  • Logo of Nivea Sun Nivea Sun
  • Logo of 9ff 9ff
  • Logo of Gebirgsjagerbattaillon 233 Mittenwald Gebirgsjagerbattaillon 233 Mittenwald
  • Logo of ratington ratington
  • Logo of SC Aufbau Magdeburg (early 1960's logo) SC Aufbau Magdeburg (early 1960's logo)
  • Logo of Stahl Riesa (late 1980's logo) Stahl Riesa (late 1980's logo)
  • Logo of Stahl Riesa (1970's logo) Stahl Riesa (1970's logo)
  • Logo of BFC Viktoria Berlin (1950's logo) BFC Viktoria Berlin (1950's logo)
  • Logo of TuS Neuendorf Koblenz (1950's logo) TuS Neuendorf Koblenz (1950's logo)
  • Logo of BSG Chemie Karl-Marx-Stadt (1950's logo) BSG Chemie Karl-Marx-Stadt (1950's logo)
  • Logo of SC Turbine Erfurt (1950's logo) SC Turbine Erfurt (1950's logo)
  • Logo of BSG Lokomotive Stendal (1950's logo) BSG Lokomotive Stendal (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Duisburger SpV (1950's logo) Duisburger SpV (1950's logo)
  • Logo of SV Holstein Kiel (1950's logo) SV Holstein Kiel (1950's logo)
  • Logo of ZSK Vorwarts Berlin (mid 1950's logo) ZSK Vorwarts Berlin (mid 1950's logo)
  • Logo of FC Hertha Wiesbach FC Hertha Wiesbach
  • Logo of FV Engers 07 FV Engers 07