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  • Logo of ECM Espresso Coffee Machines ECM Espresso Coffee Machines
  • Logo of FC Eilenburg FC Eilenburg
  • Logo of FC Pipinsried FC Pipinsried
  • Logo of FC Pipinsried FC Pipinsried
  • Logo of FC Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen (1950's logo) FC Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Westfalia Herne (1950's logo) Westfalia Herne (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Kickers Offenbach (1950's logo) Kickers Offenbach (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Werder Bremen (1950's logo) Werder Bremen (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Werder Bremen (early 1970's logo) Werder Bremen (early 1970's logo)
  • Logo of Tennis Borussia Berlin (1950's logo) Tennis Borussia Berlin (1950's logo)
  • Logo of SC Chemie Halle-Leuna (1950's logo) SC Chemie Halle-Leuna (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Rotation Babelsberg Potsdam (1950's logo) Rotation Babelsberg Potsdam (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Ferienwohnung Lieblingsnest Ferienwohnung Lieblingsnest
  • Logo of Lagerraum-Wuppertal Lagerraum-Wuppertal
  • Logo of AZIZA AZIZA
  • Logo of GODO GODO
  • Logo of Alhambra Alhambra
  • Logo of deepop-media deepop-media
  • Logo of SC Fortuna Wellsee SC Fortuna Wellsee
  • Logo of Migrantifa Migrantifa
  • Logo of Sport-Piraten GmbH Sport-Piraten GmbH
  • Logo of  STADA STADA
  • Logo of Gemeinwohl Ökonomie Gemeinwohl Ökonomie
  • Logo of BERLIN 2021 BERLIN 2021
  • Logo of FK Pirmasens (early 60's logo) FK Pirmasens (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of KTM Ready to Race KTM Ready to Race
  • Logo of KTM Duke KTM Duke
  • Logo of Scalisto Scalisto
  • Logo of AMD Grafikdesign AMD Grafikdesign
  • Logo of Book of Ra Germany Book of Ra Germany
  • Logo of VfB Eichstätt VfB Eichstätt