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  • Logo of Pyrkiva Turku (1950's logo) Pyrkiva Turku (1950's logo)
  • Logo of Vaasa Province Vaasa Province
  • Logo of Etelä-Pohjanmaa Etelä-Pohjanmaa
  • Logo of Etelä-Pohjanmaan liitto Etelä-Pohjanmaan liitto
  • Logo of Seinäjoki Seinäjoki
  • Logo of Kauhava Kauhava
  • Logo of Alajärvi Alajärvi
  • Logo of Vimpeli Vimpeli
  • Logo of Lappajärvi Lappajärvi
  • Logo of TaPa Tampere (1970's logo) TaPa Tampere (1970's logo)
  • Logo of TaPa Tampere (1960's logo) TaPa Tampere (1960's logo)
  • Logo of KTP Kotka (1950's logo) KTP Kotka (1950's logo)
  • Logo of KoRe Kotka (1950's logo) KoRe Kotka (1950's logo)
  • Logo of FC Lahti FC Lahti
  • Logo of KTP Kotka KTP Kotka
  • Logo of HJK Helsinki HJK Helsinki
  • Logo of Tampereen Viipurin Ilves Kissat Tampereen Viipurin Ilves Kissat
  • Logo of Espoon Palloseura FC Espoon Palloseura FC
  • Logo of Mikkelin Pallo-Kissat Mikkelin Pallo-Kissat
  • Logo of FC Reipas Lahti FC Reipas Lahti
  • Logo of Peli-Karhut Peli-Karhut
  • Logo of Jakobstads Bollklubb Jakobstads Bollklubb
  • Logo of HIK Hango (early 60's logo) HIK Hango (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of TuTo Turku (early 60's logo) TuTo Turku (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of Pallo Pojat Helsinki (early 60's logo) Pallo Pojat Helsinki (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of RU-38 Pori (early 60's logo) RU-38 Pori (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of TKT Tampere (early 60's logo) TKT Tampere (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of IF Drott Pietarsaari (early 60's logo) IF Drott Pietarsaari (early 60's logo)
  • Logo of Luckiefun's Sushi Buffet Luckiefun's Sushi Buffet
  • Logo of Snacky Snacky
  • Logo of Finlândia - Suomen Finlândia - Suomen
  • Logo of Softros LAN messenger Softros LAN messenger