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Daechi English

Brief from client 

* I'm not a professional designer.

I work at this 학원 (which can be translated into a 'private institution' or 'academy' in English). We teach English to students.

Just a briefly made logo by myself. Point colour --in this original concept, purple-- can be changed in many different ways. (For example, on Halloween, it'll be changed into orange, and so on)


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Just curious, did you intend for the symbol to look like an eye? Now that I see that, I can't unsee it.

I am not certain I like the symbol and I am not certain I understand why you have the colors or why the colors would change depending on the season. Is there a reason you chose to have the C in color and use the D and C to make your symbol? Are those two words Dae and Chi, or are they one? If they are two words, it reads as one. If it is one word, there seems to be no reason to have the C a different color.

I do like the simplicity of the lettering.

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