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Logo direction guidance

Brief from client 

The logo should be simple and recognizable.
It represents an experience I had last summer, where I was enjoying a bonfire in the woods. A tiny frog came jumping by and for some reason jumped right into the bonfire. Soon after, I came up with the name Pyre Frog.

I have been working on a logo for my motion graphics studio. I've tried many different designs, but I am stuck and out of ideas as to where to go from here. I will post two more versions in the comment below, but they all still need massive improvements.
Which one of these should I move forward with, and why?


Pyre Frog's picture

This is version two

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This one is my fave. The other two were not simple enough and had too much going on. I would consider adding a flame (if that was your original intention because of your story) to the circular section on the right side. Instead of just the point jutting in and out. Shape it to look more like a flame. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply. It helped.
The element to the right is supposed to be a flame, but I need to refine it since it isn't clear enough. I will work on this version and post an update when it is done.

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This is version three.
Thank you

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Hola creo que la versión 3. Posee demasiados elementos y detalles del mismo, lo que provoca que sea visible cuando se use el test de escala.
ME gusta tu versión 2, mucho mas simple y sencilla.

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Please, type in English so the OP and everyone one can understand and feels part of the conversation.


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